Hardwood Flooring Repair

Technicians repairing a hardwood floor

Prolong The Life of Your Hardwood Floor

You do not have to start from zero when it comes to reliable hardwood floors. At Alpine Hardwood, we provide you with reliable hardwood flooring repair services. No matter which room in your home that needs floor repairs, whether it is your kitchen or bathroom, we will be more than ready to offer you our services. We value a good job and will make sure the investment you make when repairing your hardwood floor will be worth it by extending the life of your floor. Even the most reliable flooring experiences wear and tear, so before you settle on replacement, call Alpine Hardwood to find out if all it needs is repairs. For more information regarding our hardwood flooring repair services in Minneapolis, MN get in touch with us today at (320) 559-0094.

Common Hardwood Repairs We Deal With

When you have minor damages to your hardwood floor, the best action to take is to call a professional from Alpine Hardwood for repairs. The following are some of the common hardwood flooring repairs we deal with in Minneapolis, MN:

  • Split wood: After being in use for years, hardwood floors are likely to develop cracks on the wood surface. When you notice such a problem, contact Alpine Hardwood. We will solve the problem by using a nail to bring together the two separate parts. However, if the cracks are large, it is better to think of refinishing your floor. Also, if the split looks irreparable, you can replace the plank altogether.
  • Gaps in Planks: Another problem that develops after a while is gaps between the planks. Wood shrinks when dry and expands when wet. The constant contraction and expansion is the major cause of gaps within the planks. If the gaps become persistent, then it is time to call Alpine Hardwood for professional help.
  • Buckling: This occurs when a warping board lifts itself higher than the floor level. When you notice this, call an expert to find out the root of the problem and fix it.
  • Cupped floors: When the edges of the planks rise and the center sinks is known as cupping. It is because of moisture imbalance, where there is more water at the bottom part of the plank than the top.
  • Warping hardwood floors: Also known as sagging hardwood floors, it is often the result of moisture problems. Either water sat for too long in the area or a persistent leak over time caused the planks to warp.

For such a problem, you will need timely repairs, and it is better to contact Alpine Hardwood immediately you notice one. To schedule our hardwood flooring repair services in Minneapolis, MN get in touch with us today at (320) 559-0094.