Hand Hewn Flooring

Hand-hewn flooring

Excellent Hardwood Flooring Services.

Hardwood flooring is one of the most reliable floorings you can choose for your home. One such reliable hardwood flooring that will bring a unique design to your floor includes hand-hewn flooring. It involves hand cutting logs in to flat shapes and using them on your floor. The best company you can hire for your hand hewn flooring services in Minneapolis, MN is Alpine Hardwood. We have the right equipment and personnel to make sure we come up with the floor of your dreams. To schedule our hand-hewn flooring services in Minneapolis, MN reach us today at (320) 559-0094.

Why Choose Hand Hewn Flooring

In the early days of flooring, to achieve flat hardwood floors, logs have to be squared off. The action of cutting off the round edges of timber is what is referred to as hewing. Hand-hewn flooring dates back as early as the 19th century, although there has been an improvement in technology to reduce the labor required to achieve a flat log. However, the method is still used by the modern-day flooring contractor to achieve unique designs. Hand hewing of timber improves your floor and home’s aesthetic value in general and makes for such an ancient sophisticated look.

Hand hewn flooring involves using an ax to flatten the surface of the wood. The two resulting logs are the ones you use for your flooring. The most common tools used during hand-hewn flooring are the broad ax and an adze. We have been doing this for years and will use our experience to make sure we develop a reliable floor. Whether you need us for hardwood flooring repair or installation, feel free to contact us.

Hand hewn flooring can work perfectly for your getaway cottage, where the ancient sophisticated look can fit in perfectly. It will give you the chance to create a whole new design separate from the common urban designs. When you hire Alpine Hardwood for your hand-hewn flooring services, expect nothing but the best. We will keep you engaged throughout the whole process and make sure to provide you with accurate wood cutting services to ensure we come up with the best floor possible. For more information regarding our hand hewn flooring services in Minneapolis, MN get in touch with us today at (320) 559-0094.