Hardwood Flooring Installation in Minneapolis, MN

Hardwood floor installation

Upgrade Your Resident With Hardwood Flooring

The best way to deal with hardwood flooring installation in Minneapolis, MN is to call the technicians at Alpine Hardwood. Your floor is the foundation of your home. It is where your kids play and the place where you will create lots of memories for years to come. It’s for these reasons and more that you should make sure to hire the best contractor and choose reliable hardwood material. It doesn’t matter the material you choose, we will be more than ready to provide you with reliable hardwood flooring installation. No matter the tear and wear your floor endures, it should still be able to serve you. The only way you will make sure of this is by having a professional install your floor. Proper installation will make sure you can rely on your floor for the foreseeable future without having to rely on constant hardwood floor repairs. To schedule our professionals for hardwood installation services in Minneapolis, MN call us at (320) 559-0094.

Our Hardwood Floor Installation Process

When you choose to work with Alpine Hardwood, expect nothing but excellent work. Our hardwood installation service begins by inspecting the layout, the hardwood material’s size and using the information to provide you with a timeline for the project. Depending on your choice of hardwood material and the planks’ wideness, we will be able to calculate how long it will take to install your floor. We will then get to work accurately, installing your hardwood floor, only leaving your premises once you are satisfied with our work.

Hardwood Floor Types

When it comes to picking the best type of hardwood material for your home, it’s better to research and find out which one will work for you. For one, you should consider your preferences, everything from design to color. Make sure it’s something you can stand looking at every day. Second, consider comfort. Make sure the hardwood floor is comfortable both for you and your family members. Lastly, consider durability. You want to pick a material that can serve you for years to come, without having to worry about making replacements. Depending on the hardwood material you choose, the following are some of the materials we provide you with – french bleed flooring, hand-scraped hardwood flooring, and hand-hewn flooring. To learn more about our hardwood flooring installation services in Minneapolis, MN, get in touch with us today at (320) 559-0094.

  • Hardwood Flooring Repair Give us a call when you are having a problem with your hardwood flooring. It doesn’t matter the issue you are facing, we will be ready with solutions.
  • Hand-scraped Hard Wood Flooring Contact us for hand-scraped hardwood flooring solutions, whether it is installation, refinishing, or repair services.
  • Hardwood Floor Sanding When you need to make a change on your hardwood floor, get in touch with us for all your hardwood floor sanding services.
  • Hardwood Floor Staining We are the contractor you want handling your hardwood floor staining. We will help you restore the functionality of your floor.
  • Buff and Coat Existing Flooring Get in touch with us for buff and coating services. Buff and coating your existing floor will not only restore the shine of your floor but also prolong its lifespan.
  • French Bleed Flooring French bleed flooring makes for such a sophisticated ancient look. Call us anytime you need installation or repair services.
  • Hand Hewn Flooring When you need hand-hewn flooring services in Minneapolis, MN, call us. We will be able to help you with installation and repair services.